Flash Viewer Engine about

FlashViewer Engine is a set of components for Delphi and C++ Builder which adds extra features to Adobe Flash Player such as loading from any source, grabbing real 32-RGBA frames, real transparency playing, etc.

This great solution for playing Flash movies is an alternative of TShockwaveFlash (Flash ActiveX).

  • Real streaming, load flash and video files from any sources without temporary files
  • Provides own data needed for playing SWF in real time
  • Stores any data (flash, images, video, sound, xml and other files) in DFM-file without external files
  • FLV video playback player with skinnable GUI, which allows to play video from external files, URL, exe-source or directly from a TStream
  • Enables/disables flash sounds, adjusts volume
  • Fully supports asynchronous streaming mode
  • Invisible, Windowed, Windowless Flash control and layered window support
  • Real player transparency, with anti-aliasing
  • Grabs flash frame to 32-bit buffer with alpha channel
  • Full support of Flash External API

FlashViewer Engine components and controls

How to use FlashViewers

Download Delphi SWF SDK or SlideShow engineBuy Delphi SWF SDK or SlideShow engine